I wish people didn't change.

From the bottom looking up, I never thought I'd know the meaning of these words, or how it felt to hear them back. Every morning came with chards of glass. Another broken dream didn't seem so bad. I was on my last wish, until you came and took my hand. And showed that there was a reason to breathe. Now the tears are gone, and I can see. And I'm praying your forever starts with me. The truth is, I've only come this far because of you, and I need you here to see this through. Let’s start forever today. The years will pass but this won't change. I hope you're not too far gone to hear. But let these words ring out forever. I’ll scream until my last breath. Scratch these words in blood, until my heart runs dry. This heart that beats for you. Its all for you.

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  1. :D das hab ich mich auch gefragt, als ich sie dann so alle vor mir liegen hatte, aber nein, nur für den "häuslichen gebrauch" ;)
    Ein paar Pinsel werden dann auch mit sicherheit nie nie zum einsatz kommen, aber für so einen preis nehm ich die dann einfach mal noch zu.