how great it must be.

i'm thinking of a world, where no one has to suffer. it's not as far fetched as you think, but my ideas they only bring you laughter. trust me you have nothing to give back if you still haven't sparked production.
and i'm thinking of a world, where people actually care, about the quality of human life, instead of their clothes and hair. everyday i think about how great it must be to live as you but i promised i won't go back to there.
and i won't be apart of your cheap ideals. they don't take an ounce of thought,
because i've got a vehicle called human ears, where emotions will hopefully spark.
a difference in you, and not just through another wave, but a difference that's true and stays through our old age.

und bald kommen sie endlich wieder nach deutschland. freude pur, sag' ich euch. egal, wo ich dann leben werde. ob es ein kleines kaff ist, in dem drei menschen wohnen. ich muss sie mir wieder live anhoeren. einfach immer noch die besten. also, fuer mich.

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